Fall/Winter 2024 Collection

For the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, the designer Chiara Boni celebrates the bourgeois punk that reveals the most authentic British spirit of fashion. Deeply funky but always elegant. A suitcase filled with the best travel memories, made of unpublished pieces reinterpreted by her own Italian style.
Goldas Printed Jacket | Oide Printed Top | Forever Printed Pants 
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Disvi Printed Gown
Andra Printed Top | Lumi Printed Skirt
Barbe Sequined Gown
Dotai Gown
Epitteto Printed Top | Dotai Printed Gown
Gilda Printed Gown | Printed Bag
Deidin Printed Jumpsuit
Adiva Velvet Gown
Bavaria Printed Gown
Dilla Velvet Chiffon Gown
Karel Printed Jacket | Forever Printed Pants
Retaw Faux-Leater Dress
Epiteto Top | Chrystele Faux-Leather Top | Lumi Faux-Leather Skirt
Caral Illusion Gown
Drogo Illusion Shirt | Arena Skirt
Rakele Printed Dress | Printed Bag
Porthos Printed Jacket | Lulla Printed Skirt | Printed Bag
Dogai Printed Dress
Kleos Gown
Fiume Dress
Anima Splendid Gown
Duina Sequined Gown
Camair Sugar Gown
Kaite Starry Lurex Midi Dress
Ardena Gown
Ardena Sequined Dress
Alula Printed Dress | Printed Bag
Disma Dress
Porthos Printed Jacket | Forever Printed Pants
Lieta Printed Jacket | Oide Printed Top | Forever Printed Pants | Printed Bag
Litia Splendid Dress
Dixie Printed Gown
Dolby Printed Dress | Printed Bag
Kalos Sequined Gown
Idino Printed Dress
Epitteto Sugar Top | Kalos Sugar Gown
Adua Gown
Eluii Dress
Bride Satin Gown
Ethane Gown
Docce Satin Gown