Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe approaches the Fall/Winter 2023 season with a very precise attitude: unfussy and quintessentially elegant. 
Inspired by Helmut Newton’s sharp and seductive images, the collection focuses on impeccable silhouettes and a concise color palette mainly centered on black, lit up by winter white, azalea touches and some metallic sparkle.
In keeping the overall inspiration, harness-inspired black leather accessories, as well as belts with metal buckles, exalt the precision of the shapes, putting seduction in the spotlight. Sensual women walk the runway with precious veils covering their faces for a hint of mystery, also exalted by the bold sunglasses completing some of the looks. Revealing the collection’s most glamourous soul, lurex and sequins add some sparkle, further exalted by draped dresses in a laminated fabric with metallic effects.
Marlyn Shirt | Luminette Skirt
Lupy Softy Top | Luminalta Skirt
Abito Thanore Dress
Lua Jacket | Nuccia Crop Skirt
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Deura Velvet Jacket | Venusette Velvet Pants
Deura Print Jacket | Venusette Print Pants
Lupy Sensitive Top | Abu Wool Coats | Nuccia Crop Pants
Viceita Velvet Coat
Urtie Slinky Long
Corse Paillettes Dress
Morika Paillettes Ilusion Dress
Kiodo Jacket | Azzulal EP Skirt
Leitha Illusion Dress
Ayumu Slinky Gown
Verena Slinky Gown
Adel Gold Mini Print
Tamina Illusion Dress
Agafia Gold Print
Adad Dress
Tazia Gold Print Dress
Tomorina Slinky Long
Bronchetta Gown
Majer Print Jacket | Petronilla Print Pants
Atala Jumpsuit
Tazia Midi Dress
Lua Jacket | Colombe Pants
Malik Velvet Long
Adachi Dress
Fide Illusion Jumpsuit
Hypnos Dress
Ayamish Dress
Aina Paillettes Jacket | Venusette Paillettes Pants
Lupis Illusion Top | Bibiana Slinky Pants
Calanta Illusion Velvet Dress
Allannis Illusion Long
Emi Gossamer Print Long
Kaite Midi Dress
Reiko Long Dress
Chilo Paillettess Gown
Akeem Print Gown
Chritrarious Long
Cho Paillettess Gown